BiotaGreenTM - Features &  Benefits

  1. Bullet Restores Biota Balance - Replaces Beneficial Microorganisms. Biota Green is a probiotic for golf courses

  1. Bullet Reduces Fertilizer Costs - Regular use of Biota GreenTM reduces the amount of traditional fertilizers needed

  1. Bullet Processes Nutrients - Makes Traditional Fertilizers More Effective

  1. Bullet Digests Thatch - Digests thatch and other Organic


  1. Bullet Backyard Greens - Works great with backyard greens!

  1. Bullet Increases Moisture - reduces stress from drought.

  1. Bullet No Special Storage Requirements - 3 year shelf life.

  1. Bullet Contains 10 Species of Beneficial Soil Microorganisms

  1. Bullet        6 Species of Beneficial Soil Bacteria

  2. Bullet        4 Species of Beneficial Soil Fungi

BiotaGreenTM should be a part of every golf courses’ sustainability program.

The organisms in BiotaGreenTM are non-toxic, safe, and all natural. 

BiotaGreenTM can be used with most fertilizers, wetting agents and organics to reduce application time and costs.

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