Biota GreenTM is a completely new and unique product. One small, highly concentrated, dissolvable tablet contains enough beneficial microorganisms to treat 1/4 acre of golf greens or tee boxes.

Chemicals, heat, cold, drought, snow and heavy rain can kill natural soil organisms. RESTORE biota balance with BiotaGreenTM, a probiotic for golf courses.

Your golf greens lose their natural soil biota to chemicals, heat, cold drought and rain. The easiest, most cost effective way to restore your green’s natural biotic balance in with BiotaGreenTM.

It is well known that having a healthy microorganism population will help your greens thrive above and below ground. The result of regular use of BiotaGreenTM is a healthy microbial layer resulting in a positive and controlled growth response.

BiotaGreenTM is great for backyard greens and putting greens too!

Have nature work for you - use BiotaGreenTM on all of your golf course greens and tee boxes.

BiotaGreenTM is a unique, easy to use effervescent tablet containing enough bacteria and fungal spores (seeds) to treat 1/4 acre of golf green. BiotaGreenTM is effective in other high use areas such as tee boxes. Fairways will also benefit from the use of BIotaGreenTM.

No special equipment is needed to apply BIotaGreenTM. Once dissolved in water, BiotaGreenTM is 100% miscible in water and can be applied through all types of irrigation systems.

Make BiotaGreenTM part of your fertigation and sustainability program. You’ll be glad you did!

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BiotaGreenTM is an unique, all-natural soil probiotic specifically formulated for golf course greens. BiotaGreenTM contains the beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi found in healthy golf greens.